Jim Sedin

While twin brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin look to cement their Olympics Legend status at Vancouver 2010, it should be noted that they were not the first Sedin to compete in hockey at the Winter Olympics.

That honour goes to Jim Sedin, a Californian born forward who played with Team USA at both the 1952 and 1956 Olympics.

Sedin was particularly notable in the 1952 games in Oslo, Norway where at age 21 he helped USA capture the silver medal as the youngest player on the team.

The Minnesota Golden Gopher star forward scored the tying goal against gold medalist Canada with just three minutes to play. By poking the puck past goalie Ralph Hansch late in the game, Sedin cinched a 3-3 tie against Canada, blemishing the Edmonton Mercuries otherwise flawless Olympics.

That game against Canada was an unlikely result. Canada launched 58 shots on American goalie Dick Desmond, while Hansch faced only 13.

Sedin would return with Team USA at the 1956 Olympics in Italy, but would go home without a medal.


Unknown said...

You can look for Jim (with considerably less hair than in the photo) and his lovely wife Mary Louise, in the fourth row of the upcoming Bronze Medal game at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Unknown said...

This was so much fun, McIver Blogger Guy (sorry I can't remember your name). I am so grateful that you thought to call and interview my Uncle Jim. He is really an amazing guy, and so much of the story was unknown to me. Mostly because I just never asked him. It's weird to ask a celebrity about their moment in the sun, even when they are a family member!! As a child (and teenager) all I knew was that he was the manager of a software company, and he was quite physically fit and just quiet and humble and obviously loved my Aunt Mary Louise (still does!) Her maiden name is Gilcrest, btw. She is my Dad's sister. Ciao for now.

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