Valentin Kuzin

In the 1950s forward Valentin Kuzin was reported to be the fastest of the Soviet hockey players. With his tremendous speed he formed a dangerous line with Yuri Krylov and Aleksander Uvarov.

Kuzin represented the Soviet Union in 50 matches, scoring 27 goals. Assist statistics are all but non-existent in the Soviet Union for this time period but he was reported to have been an excellent playmaker and more of a passer than shooter. He was a part of the Soviets' 1956 Olympic that won gold in 1956, scoring a vital goal against Canada. He also participated in the 1954 and 1955 World Championships.

In league play he represented Moscow Dynamo in 255 league games, often as captain. He scored 156 goals.

Apparently Kuzin was quite the soccer player as well, excelling at that sport during the summer time.

Kuzin made his living making tools and was known for his excellent skate sharpening. He did many of his teammates sharpening duties when played.

Valentin Kuzin passed away in 1994. He was 67 years old.

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