Tony Arima

This is Tony Arima. He was a popular but troubled player in his native Finland. Affectionately known as Tony the Tiger, he was far from the most talented player on the ice. He made up for that with heart and desire that warmed him to Finnish fans.

Dedication and desire could have taken Arima far. He was a member of Finland's world junior teams in 1980 and 1981, winning a silver medal each time. He was even drafted by the NHL in 1981, 150th overall by the Colorado Rockies (who later became the New Jersey Devils).

The often outspoken Arima's career stopped ascending just prior to the 1984 Olympics. Arima was slated to represent Suomi in Sarajevo, but he lost his spot due to an injury.

Arima was never really heard from again on any high level of hockey. He continued to play in Finland through to 1996, with HIFK and Jokerit but increasingly often in the second division as his career progressed.

Sadly, Arima took his own life in 2005. The 44 year old reportedly battled a lot of demons and to cope he drank too heavily.

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