Evgeny Zimin

One would wonder if the 1972 Summit Series would have been different had Evgeny Zimin played all 8 games.

The speedy Zimin left after 2 games due to an injury. Zimin scored two big goals in game number one, and was part of the powerful Soviet powerplay.

Zimin scored perhaps the most important Soviet goal of the entire series. It was also the first goal of the series for the Russians. With Canada already leading 2-0 in game one, it was Zimin who put an end to the Canadian's early momentum, scoring at the 11:40 mark.

"The first goal scored by Yevgeny Zimin, inspired the Soviet players," said Igor Kuperman. "It proved to them that they could score against the best NHL professionals. After his goal they scored again and again. The smallest player on the team had scored the biggest goal.".

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