Hans-Martin Trepp

He was a hair dresser by trade but a sportsman by heart. Hans-Martin Trepp was said to be an excellent skier as well as a golfer and tennis player. But he was best known as a hockey player. 

Born November 9, 1922 in Arosa, Switzerland, he grew up playing the game with cousins Gebi and Ueli Poltera. The trio would play together through childhood and as pros with EHC Arosa and of course on the national team. The trio led Arosa to seven consecutive league titles. Trepp represented Switzerland 94 times.

An elegant and speedy skater and clever stickhandler, Trepp was a showman who, unlike his cousins, could be accused of playing too individually at times.

Hans-Martin Trepp died as a result of a skull fracture when he fell down from the stairs at his home. he passed on August 17, 1970.

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